The state of the art fitness center at Huntersville Family Fitness & Aquatics includes cardiovascular training equipment that includes treadmills, elliptical trainers, arch trainer, stationary bicycles, rowers and an arm ergo meter; resistance training equipment for everyone need that includes an entire line of Technogym resistance training equipment, an entire line of FreeMotion cable training equipment, and a free weight training area. With the variety of options in the fitness department we are able to provide something for everyone. The department also has a full group exercise schedule with options for every experience level. The club has a full court gymnasium and separate group exercise studio for all of your fitness needs. Throughout the season we provide various activities from basketball and volleyball leagues to road races and triathlons. There are options for all our member and guest.

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Pure Choice Training Group Fitness

Getting the results you desire can be a challenge. There are no short cuts to good health and the fit body you want to live in. There is however, an old tried and true check list of must have’s to keep you on track toward your goals;

Pure Choice Training helps you get F I T T?

Once you’ve set a specific and measurable health and fitness goal; PCT™ staff recommends using the FITT principles (frequency, intensity, type and time) to develop your road map to success. Review each of the principles below. Then, take time today to review your habits and current strategy to determine if you are on the road to success.

Frequency: PCT™ trainers, instructors and staff recommend a minimum of 2-3 times per week to keep you moving at a motivating pace. The more you move the more likely you are to be happy with the return on your investment.

Intensity: Choosing the right intensity for the goal you want to achieve means taking a very close look at your resting and exercise heart rate. It is critical to understand your recommended limits. Excessive heart rates are not ideal for weight loss. Low intensity will not improve your race time. And, the same intensity over time will loose its effectiveness and stall progress. Check your heart rate and know the number that makes sense for your desired goals. Not sure where you should be? Visit our PCT™ trainers and staff for a review of your numbers. They can also help you plot your course to real results with a new course of action.

Type: The type of exercise you choose really does matter. Research proves doing the same thing over and over and expecting to get real results is a bad idea. Choosing a class that fits your goal and keeping variety in your workout routine is critical to sustaining progress. Use the class type code on the PCT™ training schedule to pick right classes to achieve your goals. Old habits die hard but better old habits than your progress! If you are unsure about how to mix things up; try a Spotlight Class on for size or sign up for a weight room orientation and add some iron to your action!

Time: While any amount of exercise is better than none at all, we recommend a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise each session. Make sure to stay within your recommended heart rate zone. Coming soon all new PCT™ Training will offer 30 and 45 minute classes as well as your favorite hour long classes. Some will be paired offering you the opportunity to combine two types of programming. Short on time? Try a 30 minute class and stay on track. Plenty of time? Motivation high? Try two 45 minute classes back-to-back for a 90 minute cardio blast that’s sure to shake up your routine and kick start your body to an all new level of fitness.

Pure Choice Training™ offers ever evolving opportunities to get real results. Need help making the change? Visit our fitness center and speak with one of our Pure Choice experts:

Sue Radley –

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Aquatic Group Exercise

Splash into a fit and healthy lifestyle with our low impact aqua classes. Experience a great cardio workout with minimal stress to your muscles and joints. HFFA offers a wide variety of classes for the beginner to the experienced in our indoor heated 25 Yard pool and our deep water 50 Meter pool.

Aquatic Group Exercise Schedule


Pure Choice Trainers

Huntersville Family Fitness & Aquatics personal training department is staffed by experienced, educated andnationally certified personal trainers. Personal training at HFFA will be tailored to the client’s individual goals and objectives. Each personal trainer is unique in his or her own training styles and expertise. Our personal trainingstaff has experience working with all age groups from the very young to the elderly and all skill levels from thebeginner to the experienced athlete. Personal training programs are built to fit the clients experience level, abilities and goals.Patrons of the HFFA personal training program use their sessions for various reasons. They range from getting ajump start on their programs, educational use, weight loss, sports performance and condition, injury preventionand rehabilitation and overall general health. We have a trainer and training packages to fit everyone and every goal.   Personal Training Description, Pricing & Bios


Triathlon Training

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Whether you are a trained athlete looking for a new experience or an amateur looking to broaden your athletic skills and range, triathlon is a great way to achieve your goals. Consisting of swimming, cycling and running we train to be proficient in each sport, while preserving energy and endurance for each stage of the race. Our in house trainer, Kathy Goody is USAT Coaching II Certified and USAT Certified Race Director. Read more about her personal experiences training for triathlon and check out all of the great personalized options for this exciting training program.

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Gymnasium Open Court

Truly multi-purpose, we know that the gymnasium get’s a full work out and there are times you want it to yourself! 
Please call 704-766-2222 to speak to a Guest Relations staff member to confirm gymnasium availability.
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