Considered to be one of the most physically demanding Olympic sports, synchronized swimming requires teamwork, artistry, and creativity.

Carolina Synchro

One of the premier synchronized swimming teams in the region, Carolina Synchro offers recreational and competitive programs for swimmers ages 6 years old -19 years old. Carolina Synchro was established in 2009, and has grown rapidly. Our athletes medal regularly in every age group and level at the annual Regional Championships. We have qualified for and competed in the National Junior Olympic Championships since 2011 and the US Nationals since 2016.

Our swimmers learn synchronized swimming skills in a fun and supportive environment. Swimmers improve confidence and develop life-long bonds as they learn, train, travel and compete together. Swimmer at every level will be challenged physically by this fiercely athletic sport, while its artistic side provides an outlet for creative expression.

Considered to be one of the most physically demanding Olympic sports, synchronized swimming also requires teamwork, artistry, and creativity. Synchronized swimmers have the flexibility of a gymnast, the endurance of a long-distance runner, the power of a speed swimmer, and the agility of a dancer. Synchronized swimming routines are approximately 3 minutes of heart-pounding, non-stop motion, precise, rapid movements, powerful jumps, and acrobatic stunts — all to music and made to look effortless.
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Synchro is PHYSICALLY DEMANDING requiring:
• Flexibility
• Endurance
• Power
• Speed
• Agility

Synchro is GLAMOROUS, complete with makeup and glittery suits.


Synchro swimmers TRAVEL together, TRAIN together and work together as a TEAM. Synchro emphasizes an inclusive social model that is important to girls.


Synchro is DIFFICULT and mastering it leads to CONFIDENCE. Synchro uses both the left and right sides of the brain.

Synchro requires:
• Proprioception
• Rhythm
• Split-second decision-making
• Multi-level Cognitive functioning


Carolina Synchro offers something for everyone.


Sea Stars Synchro Basics

Participants age 6-13 learn the fundamentals of synchro, including sculling, kicking, introductory figures and routines, while improving flexibility, speed, endurance, and comfort in the water. Class participants meet for an hour one day a week in the 25y pool.

Sea Stars Pre-Team/Novice

Pre-team is for swimmers age 6-13 who have completed Synchro Basics and would like to develop intermediate synchronized swimming skills without the requirement of intense competition. Pre-team participants have the opportunity to participate in Shows and Exhibitions with the Competitive team. They might also have the opportunity to participate in local Novice-level competitions. This class meets one to two times a week through out the competitive season, which is September-May.

Summer Camps

Our week-long summer day camps are appropriate for all levels, in including beginning athletes age 7-13 with no prior synchro experience, and experienced competitive athletes. Participants must be able to swim 25 yards and be considered “deep water safe.“


Intermediate Programs

Intermediate swimmers compete in the 12 and under, 13-15 age and 16 and over age groups.. The Intermediate level is an entry-level of competition and a stepping stone to more advanced levels of competition. Swimmers practice 2-3x a week and compete at local and one to two travel competitions including the Regional Championships.

Age Group

This level is for athletes who are committed to attend practices and competitions. Swimmers practice 3-6x a week. Swimmers compete in the 12 and Under, 13-15, 16-17 and 18-19 age groups at local, Regional, Zone and National competitions. Our most advanced swimmers also compete in Junior (age 15-18) and Senior (age 15+) level competitions. Carolina Synchro athletes who are qualified have participated in National Skills Competitions and All-Star Development Camps.



  • Level 3 Coach
  • Level 3 Judge
  • South Zone Coach of the Year
  • National Age Group Developmental Coach of the Year
  • Certified Assessor for USA Synchro’s Long-Term Athletic Development structure

Anne Schulte established Carolina Synchro in 2009. Prior to that, her coaching experience included the Lake Norman YMCA, the Swiss Junior National Team, and figure coach for the Ohio State University. As a swimmer, she competed with the Ohio State University varsity team for 4 years and the US National Team II for 3 years, earning 5 International and 11 National medals. Anne graduated cum laude from the Ohio State University and has an MBA from Georgetown University. Anne serves as the Chair of the Coaches’ Board for USA Synchro and prior to that was a member of USA Synchro’s Marketing Committee for six years.


  • Level 3 Certified Coach
  • 2007 National Age Group Coaching Merit Award

Rebecca Hinson has been with Carolina Synchro since 2012.  Other coaching experience includes the Richmond Dolpholinas and Northern Virginia Nereids. She founded the Raleigh Auroras and led the team to Novice and Intermediate titles at the 2011 Regional Championships.  She was also the recipient of 2007 National Age Group Coaching Merit Award. This prestigious honor is awarded to the coach who placed a team in the national finals and made significant contributions to the sport. Coach Rebecca swam competitively for 11 years with the Houma Dolphinettes, Canisius College, and the University of the Incarnate Word.


  • Level 3 Certified Coach

Dayna Auten was a competitive swimmer for 12 years, including summer leagues, high school, and college swim teams.  She has been a certified children’s yoga instructor since 2010.  Combining years of swimming experience and yoga background, Dayna works with swimmers on land and in the water.  Coach Dayna has been with Carolina Synchro since 2011.



Lexi is 18 years old and a senior at Hough High School. She was a competitive swimmer at Nomad for three years before joining Carolina Synchro in 2011. In her five years swimming, she has performed on the Fox television special, Stars in Danger the High Dive with her team in 2012. She has also competed in the Age Group Nationals and Junior Olympics in the team event. She is hoping to qualify again this year. Lexi has coached periodically in the past, but she is now a part-time coach for the 2015-2016 season.


Kami Heath is a junior in high school at Southlake Christian Academy and has been swimming with Carolina Synchro since 2010. She has coached intermittently for a year and a half but now coaches part-time in the 2015-2016 season. She is also swimming for her third year on her school swim team and will begin helping coach a new swim team in January 2016.


Samantha is a senior at Mallard Creek High School. She joined Carolina Synchro in 2009, participating in the very first synchro class offered at HFFA. She has also participated on her neighborhood swim team since she was 7 years old. She swam for Mallard Creek High School for four years, and was named captain her junior and senior year. She is a certified lifeguard.


Carolina Synchro has placed athletes in the finals (top 12) at national competitions since 2016. Most recently, at the 2017 Junior Olympic Championship held in Riverside, CA, our 13-15 team placed 9th and our 18-19 team placed 11th. In addition, our 16-17 duet placed 5th and we had 3 soloists place in the top 11.

Team participation is by invitation only. Those with advanced relevant experience may apply for team membership.


Cari Din, Canadian Olympic Silver Medalist 1996

“I was an extremely shy kid and being part of a team year over year cultivated a confidence that I don’t think I would have developed outside of synchro”

Donna De Varona, Olympic Champion and EY’s Women Athletes Business Network

“Sports teach fundamentals for success and that is why both men and women executives like to hire athletes. C-suite executives hire these women because they share a common bond and know when the pressure is on they will not be let down.”

Linai VazDeNegri, phD

“Synchro swimmers tend to experience noted success in academic and artistic pursuits long after retirement.“

Emma Stump, Carolina Synchro Senior 2016

“I have an avid passion for synchronized swimming, which has allowed me to break out of my shell and become a confident individual, equipped with the tools needed to take on the joys and rigors of life.“