Kids Triathlon #2

Sunday, July 14, 2019 | 5 pm



Advanced/Intermediate Tri Swim/Tri Class

Looking for a group to train with? This class we will cover all aspects of training and racing; swim/bike/run including the use of the CompuTrainer Studio up at Cool Breeze. There will be some drill work but mostly strength building and endurance training to gain speed in the water.

1–on-1 Personalized Triathlon Training/Private Swim Lesson

Prefer to work individually to reach your goals? This class is all about you. We will identify limiters and use advanced testing and training techniques for optimal results. Regular assessments for marked improvement are part of your individual plan. Swim, Bike or Run we will design the plan for you.

Beginner Tri Swim/Class

Beginners through experienced athletes will learn the skills and techniques for triathlon racing as we cover topics such as transitions. There will be swim stroke analysis and evaluation with lots of drill work, bike and run plans and workouts for strength.


Podium Multisport CompuTrainer Studio/Davidson Cycling Warehouse

CompuTrainer™ is the most advanced indoor cycling training system used by professional multisport athletes. This amazing training system tracks endurance, speed, heart rate and power all while you ride through a virtual terrain displayed on a large screen monitor. Your own road/tri bike is required.

Open Water Swim

Prepare you for any race, take your swimming to the next level and gain comfort and confidence in the open water with this open water swim opportunity. Practice race day simulations and work on open water specific drills including sighting, drafting, and advanced skills. Kayaks will accompany swimmers for safety.


We have several specialized classes.

Swim and Transition Clinic for Huntersville Sprint Triathlon

Join USAT Certified Coach Kathy Goody for this unique opportunity. We’ll cover race day from beginning to end, including everything from packet pick-up to race day nutrition.

Get Your Feet Wet Triathlon Training

Train for the Huntersville Sprint and make the most of your first or your best race to date. Take advantage of training on the course and improve your transition time, familiarity and comfort level and each leg of the race. Select from the following sessions:

4 months: January 9, 2018
3 months: February 7, 2018

The Triathlon Academy of the Carolinas

TAC provides adults and children with the tools they need to participate and compete in triathlons. TAC has group training sessions, conditioning programs, workshops and clinics. TAC also builds camaraderie and sportsmanship through socials, training weekends, and cooperative activities with other organizations.

Summer/Winter Kids Tri Camp

HFFA knows that summer and winter breaks should be full of fun, keeping kids busy and maintaining a healthy structure for building lifelong habits. Kids Triathlon camps feature a full experience of swim, bike, run making for an exciting and ever-changing day of learning and improving their abilities in each of these three disciplines.

A La Carte Classes

À la carte classes feature sport specific training on the day/time you select. Training is offered month to month with the flexibility to start/stop at any time and priority of training on your specific goals or a broad introduction. Scheduling is subject to coach availability.Interested: If you are interested, you and at least 3 friends can meet with our instructor to design your class. We will set up a class for you and we will cover all the aspects of swim/bike/run and more!



Includes fitness testing with detailed personal training plan using heart rates and state of the art customized workouts. We will address core and overall strength in each discipline and use our one on one sessions to accomplish your goals.


Includes every aspect of the freestyle swim stroke. Learn to swim again by going back to the basics and working on breathing, balance in the water and stroke efficiency and so much more.


You and at least 3 friends can meet with me and we will design your class. I’ll set up a class for you and we’ll cover all the aspects of SWIM/BIKE/RUN and so much more.


Kathy Goody

Kathy has been an avid competitor her entire life and enjoys igniting the same passion in others. She competed on the National Sweep Rowing Team for four years before she found her love for Triathlons. Almost 15 years after she discovered Triathlons, Kathy opened Triathlon Academy of the Carolinas for Youth and Adults. Her training program is a fantastic way to stay healthy using the three sports to balance out physical stress on the body.  Kathy’s goal is to have every athlete thrive and succeed at whichever level they wish to train at.  She will keep you interested, challenged, having fun, and improving throughout your training.  Whether you are a kid, adult, beginner, or elite athlete, her clinics, camps and daily training gives you the ability to take it to the next level.

Education | BA, English Literature at University of New Hampshire

Certifications |

  • USAT Certified Coaching II
  • USAT Certified Youth and Junior Coach
  • Red Cross First Aid, CPR, AED and LGT Certified Instructor
  • USAT Certified Race Director
  • Slow Twitch Swim and Cycling Skills Certified Coach

Interested in a special class designed for you?

YOU and 3 friends can meet with me and we will design your class. I’ll set up a class for you and we’ll cover all of the components of swim, bike and run and more.