Looking for a group to train with and an opportunity for swim advancement? TRI swim classes are geared towards improving technique, pacing and overall fitness level. Classes include proper warm up, drills to fine-tune technique and sets to improve cardiovascular and muscular strength.


Eager to focus on full body strength in a short period of time? TRI Strength classes are designed to work your entire physique for optimal results. Classes include a circuit of upper, lower & core strengthening exercises to improve posture, range of motion and flexibility while increasing overall strength.


Wanting to jump into the world of multi-sport training? TRI youth classes are open to ages 6-12 eager to learn proper swim technique, cycling efficiency and run biomechanics. Classes include swim, bike and run training along with athletic conditioning in a fun and motivating environment.



Looking for an opportunity to enhance your swim technique? Private swim lessons provide a full analysis of your freestyle swim stroke. Lessons include specific drills to fine-tune technique and appropriate swim sets to improve pacing, power and speed.


Eager to work on your entire physique to become super fit? TRI personal strength training sessions are designed to improve muscular strength and endurance while working on posture, balance, range of motion, flexibility and a bit of cardiovascular conditioning.


Have a group of friends or family members looking for a fun challenge? TRI small group training will be custom designed for your group. We will aim to cover any or all aspects of multi-sport training.


We have several specialized classes.


CT classes work on pedal stroke efficiency, improving lactate threshold and VO2 max levels. CompuTrainer™ is the most advanced indoor cycling training system used by professional multi-sport athletes. This amazing training system tracks endurance, speed, heart rate and power all while you ride through a virtual terrain displayed on a large screen monitor. Your own road/tri bike is required.


Geared towards improving overall fitness levels in multi-sport athletes. ITC classes include the use of the VASA swim ergometer and CompuTrainer™. Athletes transition from indoor swim to bike to run segments working on cardiovascular and muscular strength and endurance. swim muscles, cycling efficiency, transitioning quickly to indoor bike segment (on your own bike) working on cycling efficiency, quickly transitioning to run segment to enjoy the overall triathlon experience. Your own road/tri bike is required.


OWS classes provide triathletes with the ability to work on open water swim technique and pacing efforts to help prepare for any race. Athletes will practice race day simulations and work on open water specific drills including sighting, drafting, and advanced skills. Kayaks will accompany swimmers for safety.



Every month, all triathlon program members will have access to a specialized training session on a Saturday or Sunday. Activities include swim, bike, run, transitions and athletic conditioning. Seminars include sports nutrition, sports psychology and race day preparation.


HFFA knows that summer and winter breaks should be full of fun, keeping kids busy and maintaining a healthy structure for building lifelong habits. Kids Triathlon camps feature a full experience of swim, bike, run making for an exciting and ever-changing day of learning and improving their abilities in each of these three disciplines.


Sarah Hart

Sarah began swimming competitively at the age of 6 in Rhode Island. At age 15, she enrolled in The Peddie School in NJ to focus on academics and swimming with the goal to earn a scholarship to college. In 1989, Sarah achieved her goal and began her collegiate career at The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. At the 1989 US Olympic Festival she became the first female athlete to win 6 medals (2 Gold, 3 Silver and 1 Bronze). In 1990, Sarah suffered a compound fracture to her right arm. This injury motivated and empowered her to work on her core and leg strength while rehabilitating her upper body. In less than one year, Sarah earned NCAA All-American honors and became a US National Champion, ranking Top 16 in the World in sprint freestyle events. She competed for the United States National Team through 1995, setting an American Record in 1993.

Sarah graduated with a BA in Psychology from UNC Chapel Hill. She met her husband, Greg at UNC Chapel Hill where they swam and trained together every day! In the late 1990s, the couple moved to the Lake Norman area and worked in the financial industry. After an extensive back surgery in 2000, Sarah and Greg welcomed their two beautiful daughters, Marissa and Morgan, into the world.

In 2005, Sarah founded UpGrade Lifestyle, a wellness company offering personal strength training, triathlon and multi-sport training, registered dietitian services, and life coaching. TEAM UPGRADE was formed and consists of multi-sport athletes who participate in local, regional, national and international events. Since 2005, Sarah has participated in all run and triathlon distances. She has developed programs which focus on creating a healthy, active balance in our everyday lives. She has educated, motivated and empowered multi-sport athletes (ages 6-70s) to achieve their goals. Sarah knows what it takes to train at the highest level, overcome obstacles and is passionate about sharing her expertise with members in our community.

BA in Psychology, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
UNC Business Essentials Certification – Carolina Business Institute


  • NESTA Personal Fitness Trainer
  • Biomechanics Specialist
  • Core Conditioning Specialist
  • Sports Injury Specialist
  • Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist
  • Health Promotion & Corporate Wellness
  • EZ8 Running Coach
  • Online Personal Trainer
  • Fitness Nutrition Coach
  • CPR/AED, First Aid Certified Instructor


  • USA Swimming National Team Member 1989-1995
  • USA National Champion 1991
  • World University Games Gold & Bronze Medalist 1993
  • FINA World Championships Bronze Medalist 1993
  • American Record Holder 1993
  • NCAA All-American 1990-1993
  • UNC Most Dedicated & Most Valuable Swimmer
  • Bon Excellence Award Charlotte Marathon 2006
  • Boston Marathon Finisher 2010-2011
  • IM Raleigh 70.3 Podium Finisher 2011-2014
  • Ironman Finisher 2013

Jill Baulieu

Jill grew up in Scarsdale, New York, moving to Huntersville in 1990.  She graduated from Lehigh University with a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering. Jill swam competitively through her teenage years.  In her 20’s she became a certified aerobics instructor and taught for 7 years in Connecticut while working at IBM.

While raising her three daughters with husband David, in 2007 Jill ran her first 5K and was then introduced to triathlons through Tri It For Life and completed the Ramblin’ Rose in 2008.  She has served on the TriItForLife Board of Directors for 5 years, serving as President in 2012.  Jill’s interest in triathlons turned quickly into a passion as she has completed over 40 triathlons, from sprint to international to 140.6 distance, in NY, GA, VA, FL, NC & SC. She has raced Lake Logan 70.3, IM 70.3 Augusta, Raleigh and Lake Placid. Jill placed 3rd in her division in the Beach 2 Battleship 140.6 in October 2013.  She enjoys sharing her experience to help others reach their fitness goals.


Jill left the corporate world to join UpGrade Lifestyle as a personal trainer and triathlon coach in 2014.  Always having the upmost respect for Sarah Hart and the mission of UpGrade Lifestyle, this was a perfect fit.  In 2016 Jill became a partner and continues to enjoy helping athletes reach their full potential in a positive and rewarding environment.

BS in Electrical Engineering, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA


  • USAT Level I Coach
  • NESTA Personal Fitness Trainer
  • CPR/AED, First Aid Certified Instructor


  • Beach to Battleship 140.6 placed third in age group 2013

Interested in a special class designed for you?

YOU and 3 friends can meet with me and we will design your class. I’ll set up a class for you and we’ll cover all of the components of swim, bike and run and more.